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All children, above the age of three years, are entitled to the 15 hour funding provided by Ealing Council.

Please call the school on 07495 898 760 to book a viewing and obtain fee information.

* A minimum of three sessions is required for children under three and five sessions for children over three years old.

Specialist activities as follows:

 Morning ChildrenAfternoon Children
 Monday French Yoga
 Drama Ballet
 Wednesday Music Art & Craft
 PE/Games Music

All specialist activities are included in the payable fees except for IT. Activities may change at short notice.

The school has a high ratio of teachers to children in excess of the statutory minimum.

All snacks are included in the fees payable.

Registration Fee & Deposit: The registration fee of £100 must accompany every application and is non-refundable. Places are offered on a 'first come, first serve' basis. If a place is offered and accepted, the deposit of £300 must be paid in order to secure it. The deposit is refundable during your child's final term at ST Matthews Montessori and is non-refundable if, for any reason the place is not taken up.

Notice: Your child is accepted from term to term. One full term's notice, in writing is required before a child leaves. On default of such notice being given, the full term's fees for the ensuing term will be payable.

Free Entitlement: The free entitlement is now available for every 3 year old child and 4 year old irrespective of where they live.